Fashion new | buy the bag you are the world April April

Bags as an essential fashion items, one of the significance of concave shape is self-evident. The election of the bag, you are the world April day, the beautiful light of the Four Winds, the light and shade in the hands of the dance change. Story Elegant but without losing the atmosphere of the pattern, clean but not simple. Sketch-like outline, the achievements of a legend on the United States. Four versions, black and white, different sizes, each has its advantages, there is always a good heart. Crocodile pattern solemn, cute little villain naughty moment to make this package full of vitality. Unique brand identity, a variety of colorful personality characteristics, breaking the crocodile pattern obsessed with a single color of the old practices. From calm, business to fun, unique, different mood for different occasions to provide a pleasant surprise solution to the conversion solution. This series of bag design inspired by art, such as the traditional Chinese style, but also the arbitrary Western painting. Seemingly inadvertently ink, but it is full of heart to heart design. Texture of delicate lines, each has its own version, greatly improving the product's suitability and practicality. Listen Soft body adds a casual atmosphere, eclectic multi-functional bag design, an increase of storage space. Extended leather zipper, both convenient and personalized. Simple and elegant version, whether it is the color or the overall design, are keeping up with the trend of the season, adhere to the minimalist philosophy. Three-dimensional Baoshen, improve the degree of accommodation, who said that fashion and practical can not co-exist? The unique combination of blue stripes and cartoon patterns add a lot of innocence to the fashion elements, conveying the concept of losing heart in life. Vision Lightweight bag-type, soft and true texture, hard-wearing is not easy to break the fracture, corrosion-resistant hardware, high-end type, is a long-term companionship with the commercial partners of the sea.

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