Development and reform of pesticide packaging bags


China is a traditional agricultural country. As the name implies, pesticides are an important weapon for the modern agricultural production, which is an indispensable tool for pest control and a good harvest. According to statistics from relevant departments, there are more than 6,000 modern pesticide preparations in China, of which liquid-type pesticide packaging bags account for more than half. With the continuous changes in the form of insect pests, it has also driven the upgrading of pesticides.

With the continuous improvement of packaging technology, many changes have taken place in pesticide packaging materials and forms: in the past, glass bottles were the main form of pesticide packaging. With its mature technology, low price, high chemical stability, good barrier properties, and difficult Leakage and long-term dominance. However, the pesticide packaging made of glass is easily broken during the production, transportation and use of pesticides, which will not only cause economic losses, but may also lead to poisoning. In addition, the weight of glass pesticide packaging is relatively large, and transportation will inevitably increase transportation costs.

In the 1990s , under the call of the Ministry of Chemical Industry to replace plastic with plastic, plastic containers gradually entered the field of pesticides, and began the road from single layer to multiple layers, from unity to high barrier. At present, the single-layer plastic bottles used in liquid pesticide packaging bags mainly include PE bottles, PET bottles and HDPE bottles. However, due to their single material and their obvious role in blocking oxygen, water vapor penetration and pesticide volatilization, it is difficult Realize long-term storage of pesticides. With the improvement of packaging requirements, high-barrier pesticide plastic packaging bags and containers have entered the stage of history. The so-called barrier plastic bottle is to use spraying, compounding, blending and other special processes to make the plastic bottle have an excellent barrier to oxygen, water vapor and organic gas, and at the same time have excellent properties such as light weight, changeability and sturdiness.

Brushed Flower Pot

The retro-brushed appearance, simple and generous design, modern with classic, simplicity with roughness, suitable for the beauty and accessories of outdoor park villas and gardens.
The shapes of the brushed flowerpots are round, square, plum blossom, hexagonal, octagonal, and cylindrical; according to their height, there are tall, low, and shallow pots. Coupled with the size and color depth, it can be described as all kinds and varieties. So what kind of flower pot is good? Generally speaking, breathability, water permeability, and lightness are the most basic requirements for choosing a flower pot.

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