Children's room exquisite design six major misunderstandings decoration layout should be very reasonable

The child is the hope of the parents, and the children's room is the cradle of the baby's growth. However, according to the indoor environment test of 6,000 households published by the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee, the results show that more than 90% of children's houses have environmental pollution problems. At the same time, the Global Child Safety Organization survey showed that 61.2% of child injuries occurred at home.

The main injuries that children often experience at home are: fall and fall (25%), burns (16.7%), sharp injuries (9.1%). Therefore, how to decorate children's rooms has become a "big problem" that parents have to consider. How can they be both beautiful and comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly? There are many misunderstandings and corresponding skills.

Six major mistakes should be avoided

Misunderstanding 1: affecting the appearance without installing the guardrail

According to the National "Design Code for Residential Buildings": when the outer window sill is less than 0.9 m from the floor and the ground level, there should be protective facilities. Parents with children in the family must install guardrails on the bay window, window, and balcony. The railings of the guardrail should not exceed 12 cm. If you are afraid of the guardrail affecting the view, you can install the invisible anti-theft net or install a security lock on the window or glass door.

Myth 2: too many children's room furniture

Children's rooms are generally small. If the furniture is too full, it limits the children's activity space, but it will cause trouble to the children. It is recommended that if the child is less than 7 years old, there is no need to set a bookcase. You can choose furniture that is easy to move and combine, so you can adjust the space at any time. At the same time, leave a space on the children's room wall as a "small blackboard", children can casually graffiti, free to post; older children can leave a display space, display works or photos, cultivate a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Myth 3: Use a carpet to avoid bumps

Children under the age of 3 like to lie on the ground, so many parents put on foam mats or carpets. However, carpet dirt and dirt are not easy to clean, and children are susceptible to respiratory diseases. Chemical fiber blankets can cause allergic reactions in children. Foam mats contain formaldehyde and can also harm children's health. It is recommended to use solid wood flooring on the ground and replace the carpet with a bedding or blanket that is easy to clean.

Myth 4: Do not pull the appliance power cord

Many parents have saved their troubles, and the power cords for electric fans, washing machines, etc. have never been pulled out. The child is naturally active and has no ability to distinguish. Inadvertently pressing a switch or a button can cause injury. It is recommended to develop the habit of using the power cord.

Myth 5: Overly uniform color

When decorating children's rooms, most of the girls' rooms are designed in pink, light purple and other colors. The boys' rooms are generally blue and green. In fact, children's love for color is not fixed. In fact, lively and active children can use cool colors such as gray, light blue and light green to help children calm and comfortable; children with introverted personality can consider warm colors such as orange and yellow, which can bring happiness and harmony to children.

Myth 6: Many light sources are complicated

The general family has a main light source and a supplementary light source in each area. If the children's room is designed as such, there are too many lights. If the luminaire is installed directly above the child's head, it may cause damage to the child's vision and is also prone to danger. It is recommended to install a luminaire with adjustable brightness in the children's room to reduce the brightness at night, helping to eliminate the fear of children sleeping alone. The lamps in the children's room are suitable for warm light sources. The lamps should be kept away from the places that children can touch, and the power sockets should be placed in a concealed position.

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