4 sunscreen hand cream beautiful second face

4 sunscreen hand cream beautiful second face

In the summer sun, don't forget the woman's "second face." Xiaobian has recommended several hand creams with sun protection values ​​for you. Let's do a good job of sun protection.

French Guerlain Hydrating Youth Anti-Aging Hand Cream SPF15

RMB 1320/100ml

This Hydrating Youth Anti-Aging Hand Cream not only smoothes your hands, but also moisturizes the driest skin. Its formula also has the full moisturizing and anti-aging effects of the Hydrating Youth Life series, as well as the even skin tone and sun protection (SPF 15), giving your hands a comfortable, youthful feeling. After use, the skin of both hands instantly becomes smooth (94%), and has a sunscreen ability (97%), and the skin tone becomes even and fine (91%). The hands look rich and lustrous, while giving off a hint of rose.

LA PRAIRIE Caviar Pure Hand Cream SPF15

RMB 1320/100ml

Caviar Pure Hand Cream SPF 15 protects against damage caused by daily irritating elements while preventing further pigmentation. This advanced formula contains a refining peptide that gently removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface and activates new cell renewal, while SPF 15 eliminates the effects of skin aging after exposure. Use a nutrient that deeply moisturizes the skin to save the nail bed while diluting the stratum corneum area and strengthening the nails.

L'Occitane Helichrysum Brightening Hand Cream SPF20

RMB 190/75ml

Perfect but not greasy, perfect sunscreen whitening hand cream containing machine daisy essential oil microcapsules, daisy brightening white essence, refined plant extract from mulberry tree and SPF15 sun protection factor, effectively improving hand aging and diminishing dark spots, using the back hand The color is even and smooth. The SPF 15 protects the skin of the hands from the sun.

THE BODY SHOP Wild Rose Moisturizing Sunscreen Hand Cream SPF15

RMB 98/100ml

Containing top-quality pure rosehip oil extract, shea butter and other natural antioxidant beauty ingredients, it can moisturize the whitening hands and skin, improve the spots and skin color unevenness caused by dryness, and the skin is smooth and elastic. SPF 15 sun protection factor can effectively protect against UV damage, and the hands will give off an elegant rose fragrance. Gives moisture to your hands every day and improves skin tone. A 24-hour special effect that nourishes and softens the skin.

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