Sodium hexametaphosphate / hexasodium metaphosphate / Graham's salt / cargan / sodium phosphate glass / Graham salt / hexameta / sodium hexametaphoshpate

Cas No. 10124-56-8
Molecular formula Na6O18P6; (NaPO2) 6
Molecular weight 611.77
Sodium hexametaphoshpate
Sodium hexapolymetaphosphate is colorless transparent glass flake or white granular crystal. The specific gravity is 2.484 (20 ℃). It is easily deliquescent in the air and soluble in water. It dissolves 973.2 grams per liter of water at 20 ℃ and 1744 grams per liter of water at 80 ℃. The PH value of 1% solution is about 5.5-6.5, insoluble Organic solvent, in neutral medium, the final product of hydrolysis is orthophosphate. It is very hygroscopic, and when exposed to air, it can gradually absorb moisture and become a viscous material. It can synthesize soluble double salt with alkaline earth metallization, so it has the function of dissolving scale and is a good water softener.
Melting point: 616 ℃
Q / (HG) SJ 738-1997
Item Item Analysis and Purification
(AR) (CP)
Content (P2O5) Assay,% 65.0-70.0 65.0-70.0
Lnsoluble matter
in water,% ≤0.01 0.03
Chloride (Cl), Chloride,% ≤0.002 0.01
Sulfate (SO4) Sulfate,% ≤0.01 0.03
Phosphoric acid (PO4) Phosphate qualified iron (Fe) Iron,% ≤0.0050.02
Arsenic (As),% ≤0.0002 0.0005
Heavy metals (as Pb) Heavy metals,% ≤0.0020.005
Potassium reduced potassium permanganate qualified
Permanganate reducing sudstances.

The product is mainly used for boiler water softener, printing and dyeing bath softener and paper making diffusing agent. It is also used in corrosion inhibitors, flotation agents, dispersants and high-temperature bonding agents. Others are used for washing utensils and chemical fibers to remove iron from pulp. It is also used for soil analysis.

1. The Standard of Stainless Steel material.

American: 201, 202, 410, 420, 430, 304, 316.

Japan: SUS201, SUS202, SUS410, SUS420, SUS430, SUS304, SUS316.

German: 13/0, 18/0, 18/8, 18/10.

18/0=430, 18/8=304, 18/10=316


2. What`s the difference from 18/0,18/8,18/10?

For 18/8, it means the material have 16%~18%, the number 18 means chrome 18%, and number 8 means nickle has 8%.

For 18/0, it also means chrome 16%~18%, but the nickle is zero, because the nickle is very expensive, 18/8 is much more expensive than 18/0.

For 18/10, it means chrome 16%~18%, but nickle is 10%.

Actually, the material 18/8 and 18/10 are the same material, because the tolerance of nickle is 8%~10%.

In china, we select 8% as our standard, but in Europe, people will select higher percentage as their standard. So we call it 18/8 in china and Europe people call it 18/10. 


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