Basic knowledge of PE and PP

Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are the two most important polyolefin materials and have a large market share in film label materials. In addition, PE and PP and PET and PVC are also important materials for the narrow-roll flexible packaging market. Product types include shrink / stretch sleeves, wrapped labels, in-mold labels, rigid or semi-rigid tubes, flexible packaging bags, and resealable packaging bags.

PE has good printability and die cutting performance. Low density and medium density polyethylene also have good tear resistance and flexibility. The printing and die-cutting suitability of PP film is also very good, and it also has excellent rigidity and transparency (PET film is more suitable for applications requiring higher transparency and durability).

After the biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) polymer chains are oriented, the elongation of the material decreases and the stiffness increases. BOPP film is stretched longitudinally and transversely during forming. Films that are stretched only in the machine direction are called uniaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP). Both of these materials are widely used in roll-wound labels and shrink labels, single-sheet labels coated with hot melt adhesive, and in-mold labels for injection-molded plastic containers. There are mainly transparent, white and metal-plated coated or uncoated types, which are widely used in the field of food packaging non-food packaging.

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