Zhang Yuqi Huo Siyan Qin Yu Jing Yan has its own style

Zhang Yuqi Huo Siyan Qin Hao, the same Taiwan "competition", which is more charming?

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuxi's beauty point: flirtatious, will carry sexy to the end

Although Zhang Yuxi is still very young, he has always been keen on the sexy route. This appearance is also unstoppable sexy. The makeup is full of charm: the eye makeup that is smudged makes the eyes more deep and deep, and the treatment of the eyes is to lengthen the eyes while adding fascinating charm. The iconic thick hero is full of domineering.

Qin Yu

Qin Yu's beauty points: emotional red lips to do elegant ladies

Qin Hao has always been an elegant and dignified route. This time, the shape is slightly more sexy than usual. In the makeup, I also try to make a noble lady with a bright red color. The entire makeup is very clean, to highlight the glamorous lips, and the hair style is elegant and neat.

Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan's beauty point: pink dress makeup makes sweet girl style

Huo Siyan's own skin is very good, no matter whether it is conservative or bare. This time, she changed the sexy style of the past and made a pink and sweet girl. The key is that the peach-colored blush and the supple pink lip gloss make the whole makeup very in place.

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