Sun Wei's skin care experience during pregnancy

Deng Chao and Sun Wei were formally married on June 7, 2010. Today, Sun Hao has publicly acknowledged the promotion of Mummy status. Although pregnant, Sun Hao is still radiant, her face is very smooth, and there is no swelling and roughness during pregnancy. While women are nurturing new life, there will be a series of changes in both physical and psychological, so let's take a look at Sun Wei's pregnancy skin care experience !

"During pregnancy, due to the rapid changes in estrogen levels and metabolism, there are some different skin problems. Pregnant women are most prone to skin problems such as dullness, dryness, and imbalance of oil secretion during pregnancy. Some people say that pregnant women do not need skin care because those Skin care products are not good for mothers and babies. In fact, you can also take care of your skin during pregnancy, pay attention to some skin care details!"

1. Gentle cleansing

Sun Wei's skin care experience during pregnancy

“During pregnancy, the self-regulation of the skin will also be affected. I always feel that my skin is much worse than before pregnancy. The face is always greasy and oily. It looks like it is a lot old. In fact, the cleaning work during pregnancy is more obvious. Important, expectant mothers must have a good mood to face each day, the baby will feel the vitality! You can choose the cleaning products designed for pregnant women on the market, wash your face in the morning and evening, gently remove the face dirt. If itself If you are a mother of oily skin, you should wash it once or twice a day. At this time, wash it with water."

2. Retain skin nutrients

“The loss of skin nutrients during pregnancy is very fast, which is why mothers who have had children are much older. Therefore, we must choose the professional skin care products that pregnant women can use. They must be pure natural, and they should not contain sprinkles. Hormone, heavy metals, mineral oil and chemical flavors. In order to prevent excessive moisture loss in the skin, after cleaning in the morning and evening, apply moisturizing products for pregnant women to restore the skin to water and tenderness."

Sun Wei's skin care experience during pregnancy

3. Sleep is a good way to skin care

"During pregnancy, because you should pay attention to all aspects of care, can not stimulate the body, so the choice of skin care is relatively limited, but sleep skin care has always been the most convenient and most effective way, so, in order to get a good skin condition, in addition to basic care In addition, the mother's daily work schedule must be on time, do not stay up all night, insist on going to bed at 11 o'clock every night. Sleep is a good way for mothers to keep their skin fresh and fresh during pregnancy."

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