Talking about the treatment method of tooth decay

In normal times, bad maintenance of dental caries can easily result in rusting between dental braces and tooth shafts. It is not possible to open and close the tissue automatically, which causes unnecessary loss and impact on production. Therefore, it should be handled properly after finding dead teeth. solve.

First, clean up the dust on the tooth row, soak the rusted parts with rust remover and kerosene to dissolve the rust. Then use a crowbar to remove the rusting teeth and move back and forth. If you open your teeth, it is difficult to make teeth. The tablet is closed, the dead teeth of the wooden hammer are used, and it moves back and forth. If it is difficult to close the dental chip after opening, use a wooden hammer or a rubber hammer to strike the tusks before and after, and be careful not to beat it with a hammer, otherwise it will make the chip Damage, fracture. After the rust is removed, the teeth, teeth, and open teeth are refueled in time to restore the party. However, it should be avoided that this phenomenon occurs frequently. Otherwise, tooth decay will wear out prematurely and it will not work properly.

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