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Nowadays, there are frequent women in this society. Second, for professional women, go out for makeup every day, remove makeup or clean thoroughly in one day, which will stress the skin and affect the skin's luster. Let's take a look at how professional women are skin care.

1. Cleansing and thorough makeup removal are very important, especially in the eye area, which is more likely to cause pigmentation and dullness. It is best to use special eye makeup remover products.

2. The massage lotion that replenishes moisture can make the skin hydrated and improve the blood circulation of the skin, so that the nutrient input and waste discharge of the skin can be carried out normally, so that the care becomes simple and substantial, and IPSA has such a one-minute quick massage lotion. , shortening the length of care time.

3, the combination of sunscreen and foundation is a magic weapon to protect the skin, just like clothes to help the skin resist the external stimulation.

4, maintain a happy mood, proper exercise and good sleep, reduce or avoid the stimulation of spicy, greasy, coffee and other foods.

3 Side Seal Food Bags supplier Richest Pack, wholesale high quality 3 side seal sachet, 3 side seal with zipper, 3 side sealed bag packaging for various kinds of Food. Like as candy, chocolate, vegetables soup, instant coffee, chips, cooked food, etc. 

And the zipper, tear notch and hanger hole can be designed according to your requirements. 

3 Side Seal Food Bags have good moisture proof, retain freshness, shading effect. With good quality, competitive price and best services.

3 Side Seal Food Bags Description:

Material usually divided into three types:

1) two layer materials composite;

2) Three layer materials composite;

3) Four layer materials composite; 

Thickness: 50 ~ 150 microns by customized

MOQ: 10,000 PCS

Samples: Free Samples

Logo: Accept Custom Logo

Feature:Moisture proof

Sealing &Handle:Zipper top & Seal in back

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Surface Handling: Gravure Printing

Color: up to 9 colors or customer requirement

Usage: healthy food, salted food, instant soup, etc.

Payment Term: EXW, FOB, CIF

Delivery Time: 12 ~ 15 work days

Packaging: Bundles/Cartons

Port of Loading: Shenzhen or Hong Kong

3 Side Seal Food Bags

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