Earrings: MM's hair color selection

Lovely   Round face

Lovely   Round face

Can be worn with any style of long earrings and pendant earrings

Shape the visual effect of stretching up and down

Make round-faced people look more mature and pretty.

Coating & Laminating machine for the production of coating melting PP or PE on paper, weaving fabric, or laminating the paper, BOPP, non woven fabric, film & aluminum etc., with weaving fabric.

Twin stations substrate material unwind adopts imported ultrasonic automatic guiding system, substrate material oriented automatically and guiding control, pneumatic chucks loading material, unwind full-automatic tension control, high-speed non-stop automatic splicing continuous production; Laminating segment cooling roller adopts forced water-cooling structure, with good cooling effect; Rolling up segment adopts twin stations structure, full-automatic tension control, non-stop shaft exchange, automatic splicing. Each technology roller clutch of complete machine is controlled by pneumatic system. 

Non Woven Fabric Extrusion Coating Machine

Fabric Extrusion Coating Machine,Extrusion Pu Coating Fabric Machine

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