Super full sunscreen strategy! Military training is not black

As we all know, during the military training, we have to train on the playground. It is a common thing to stand in the sun. But at this time, the skin on our body is also suffering. Although wearing long-sleeved clothes, the heat of the sun makes the skin suffer. When the military training is over, the skin that is sunburned and sunburned makes people feel heartache. Let's learn the sunscreen tips for military training, so that everyone can feel at ease, not afraid to tanning in military training.

Admission to military training not only tests our perseverance, but also tests the skin, how to let the skin pass the test, everyone together to do a good job of sun protection, meticulous protection of the skin.

Sunscreen knowledge popularization

Sunscreen knowledge popularization

1, know sunscreen: sunscreen packaging is generally marked with spf and pa, generally mm knows that spf refers to the sunscreen index, but still can not understand what spf and pa in the end.

Spf: In fact, spf is aimed at uvb ultraviolet light, it can't do anything about the real sun killer uva. Our common spf index is 15, 30, 50, 120, etc.

Pa: The product marked with pa is for uva, so sunscreen will play a more effective role. Usually, the intensity of pa is represented by +, and one more + indicates that the effective protection time is prolonged. Specifically: the effective protection time of pa+ is about 4 hours; the effective protection time of pa++ is about 8 hours; pa+++ super protection.

2, different skin types choose sunscreen: oily skin should choose a strong penetration of water-based sunscreen products, sunscreen spray is also a good choice! Dry skin should choose cream-like sunscreen products; neutral skin is generally not strict, sensitivity It is a burden to rub any skin care products on the skin. It is recommended to choose pure physical sunscreen products. Use lotion-like sunscreen for more skin.

3, suitable for military training sunscreen: due to the characteristics of military training, long-term exposure to sweat, it is recommended to choose spf50 / pa + + + or above sunscreen products best anti-sweat effect. Because long-term military training requires a few bottles of sunscreen, as students need to choose a cost-effective sunscreen, now students online to discuss more brand sunscreen is Mentholatum, Nivea, Birou and other brands.

Military training sunscreen targeted Raiders

Military training sunscreen targeted Raiders

Military training features 1: long exposure

Sunscreen tips:

1, sunscreen should be comprehensive, not only the face should be sunscreen, the lips and ears should also be sunscreen. Professional sunscreen products for the lips, sunscreen on the neck. If you do not pay attention to comprehensive sun protection, the skin will be uneven after military training, and the skin will age faster.

2, prolonged exposure makes the skin less soothing time, so be sure to take advantage of the noon break time, apply a wet towel to the face and neck, slow down the redness symptoms. Clean the skin at noon and wipe the sunscreen for half an hour in advance to prepare for the military training in the afternoon.

Military training features 2: sweating for a long time

Sunscreen tips:

1, in the choice of spf50 / pa + + + or more sunscreen products, while the anti-sweat effect is good. If you sweat, take away the sunscreen, so that the skin will be seriously damaged.

2, sunscreen to make up, sweat has taken away some sunscreen, the rest of the time for more than half an hour, immediately wipe the towel and wipe the sweat and then rub, noon must be carefully rubbed again. After rubbing, you can wipe the scorpion powder, cool and have antiperspirant.

Military training sunscreen one day detailed documentary

Military training sunscreen one day detailed documentary

Before military training:

1, exfoliation: If you just started military training, go to horny 1 to 2 days before military training. The thick keratin makes the pores unable to breathe, and the ultraviolet rays and high temperatures inevitably lead to a large amount of oil secretion, plus a lot of sunscreen. It is easy to get acne or skin allergy symptoms. After military training for about 7 days, you can go to the secondary horny and keep the pores transparent.

2, comprehensive sunscreen: in the morning to clean up, go out for military training half an hour before the beginning of serious rubbing, remember to rub the lips and neck, focus on strengthening the lower clavicle, ears, neck, and the amount must be sufficient.

3, eat vitamin c: If you can develop the habit of eating vitamin C, eat 2 tablets a day, help supplement nutrition, but also help sunscreen.

In military training:

1. Take sunscreen with you: If you have time to rest, try to go to the shade, wipe off the sweat, and let the skin rest. If you have more than half an hour of rest, quickly apply sunscreen. Even in military training in the shade, you can't relax your vigilance. Sunscreens should be rubbed and rubbed.

2, a lot of water: it is best to add glucose or water, to help you add a lot of lost water, sugar, etc., but also soothe the skin discomfort.

After military training:

1, after drying, pay attention to: after military training, the body will be very tired, do not wash your face with cold water after military training, it will become darker skin, but wait for the skin to soothe, you feel that the skin is not so hot and red, then use facial cleanser Wash your face and wash off the sunscreen thoroughly.

2, after sun drying repair is convenient and quick: Although the body is very tired, but must be repaired after drying. After cleaning, you can wipe the moisturizing lotion, first moisturize and moisturize the skin, and after a long exposure, the skin is seriously dehydrated. After moisturizing, you can wipe the professional after-sun repair or whitening products. At the same time, you can also diy the mask, using cucumber, watermelon, yogurt and other ingredients, after eating some of the rest can also be a simple diy, affordable and effective.

3, before going to bed, whitening night cream: used on the face is not oily, not very greasy, very comfortable, wake up on the second day, touch the face, the skin is soft and smooth, whitening and brighten the skin. If you don't want to change to "Africans" after military training, you must stick to whitening night cream.

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