Labels on the skin of fruits and vegetables are not good for the body

Do you often buy fruit directly labeled in fruits in supermarkets or fruit stores? British researchers have found that the adhesives used on such packaging labels often contain highly toxic chemicals. Therefore, experts advise that consumers should try not to buy fruits and vegetables labeled on the epidermis.

Food safety personnel said that at present, there are no relevant standards for label adhesives on foods, but most of the adhesive materials used in printing plants are stupid, and benzenes contain toxins that can cause cancer. Oily, high-temperature, long-term foods can easily infiltrate toxins on the label. The longer the time, the more infiltration of the poison.

Some fruits and vegetables show “import” or “upscale”, and they are often labeled directly on their skin. Therefore, health food experts remind consumers to avoid buying and labeling fruits and vegetables to avoid harming their health.

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