Application process and performance requirements of tipping paper

Tipping paper, also known as tipping paper, is a kind of packaging material for cigarettes. It is specially used as the outer packaging of filters in cigarette factories and belongs to special industrial paper. In recent years, the tipping paper has been greatly developed and innovated in terms of functions and uses. The use of tipping paper by tobacco plants is not limited to pure packaging, but also focuses on decorativeness. Higher requirements. At the same time, as the demand for cigarette health and environmental protection has increased, the state and cigarette factories have also put forward higher requirements for the health and environmental protection of tipping paper and its role in the cigarette decoking project. All of these have made the performance requirements of various aspects of the tipping paper continuous improvement, and the production and processing technology of the tipping paper has also been continuously improved.

Brief Introduction

The tipping paper is a decorating paper obtained by printing and coating the cork original paper and processed in other ways, and has the function of improving the appearance of cigarettes. Now the punching tipping paper also has the function of reducing the coke in combination with the highly transparent forming paper. Common tipping papers are orange and white. The production of the cork paper is mainly the use of paint (color paste) or ink to gravure the cork original paper, printing color is old, dull, pink texture. Through printing processing and slitting and rewinding of the cork base paper, it can meet the requirements for the use of tipping paper in terms of appearance and intrinsic quality, and can adapt to the working requirements of high-speed filter mouthpieces. In addition, in order to improve the decorative performance and air permeability of tipping paper, some of the tipping papers are also hot stamped and punched after printing.

The requirements of the performance of the cedar base paper

The performance of the base paper has an important influence on the finished paper. The poor performance of the base paper will greatly increase the difficulty of the processing process, cause various problems, affect the quality, and increase the consumption of raw materials. The quality index of the cedar base paper and its role in production are as follows:

1. Evenness

Having good uniformity and minimal quantitative fluctuations is the basic guarantee for producing good quality paper. The fiber distribution of the cedar base paper is even, and the fluctuations in thickness, tightness, air permeability, etc. are small, which can ensure the uniform absorption of the paint and reduce the color difference during the processing. The base paper production requires that the quantitative difference between the banners is as small as possible, and the unevenly quantified quantities cause the nozzle maker of the cigarette factory to fail to properly connect the nozzles. If the ration is too high, it is easy to flange, burst mouth, upper cavity uneven; if the ration is too low, the paper is thin, easy to wrinkle on the cheek plate type mouthpiece machine, glue penetration causes the exposed bottom.

2. Sizing

The degree of sizing affects the amount of paint absorbed by the base paper during processing. When the sizing degree is too low, there are many absorbing paints, the paint consumption increases, the cost increases, and the paper becomes hard and brittle, which affects the mouthpiece of the cigarette factory; if the sizing degree is too high, it is not conducive to the absorption of the paint and affects the water. The appearance and powdery texture of loose paper.

3. Longitudinal tensile strength and surface strength

Longitudinal tear strength good tipping paper can adapt to the operation requirements of high-speed mouthpieces in cigarette factories and is not easy to break. With good surface strength, problems such as hair loss and powder falling can be avoided during printing, which will improve the printing quality.

4. Other performance indicators

Other performance indicators are holes, pleats, and edging. If there is a hole, it will cause the glue to leak when the paint sticks to the roller or when the glue is glued on the mouthpiece. Therefore, there should be no visible hole. The pleats in the base paper will affect the printing, rewinding, and mouthpiece operations, affecting the appearance quality. If there is edge undulation, the two sides of the paper will be inconsistent elastic or flounces, etc., will result in uneven force on both sides of the printing paper, easy folds or even broken, affecting the use and appearance.

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