Drop test machine operation precautions and maintenance

Operational notes

● This equipment is a test and test equipment.

Please do not use this device for purposes other than test and materials.

● Please complete the installation environment.

Please put it at room temperature.

Places with low humidity. (no condensation below 80%)

Places with less dust and dust.

● Please install the test material as required.

Install test materials as required, otherwise unexpected failures may occur.

● Be sure to turn off the power when wiring and maintaining.

To prevent accidents and electric shock due to loss of control during operation, be sure to turn off the power before proceeding.

● Power supply

About the power supply of this device, please pay attention to the following matters.

※ In principle, three-phase 380V power supply is used for power distribution.

※ Please consult with electrical engineering personnel or someone with similar knowledge about power supply and power supply engineering.

● Power cord

Be sure to use the power cord supplied with your device. If you notice abnormality in the power cord and power plug, please contact us. Replace or guide the replacement with the service personnel of our company.

● Fuse

In order to prevent fire, internal circuit damage, etc., do not use a fuse other than the one specified. When replacing a fuse, use a fuse of the same type and shape as the original one.

● Special Warning: Warning It should be noted that the application or condition being performed is of high risk and may result in personal injury or even death.

To prevent accidental injury or death, be sure to observe it clearly before moving and using the device.

Operation specification

1. Wiring: Connect the supplied power cord to the three-phase power supply and connect it to ground. Use the control box and testing machine with random

The connection cable is connected according to the plug fitting condition, and try to run the up/down command. (If the press up key is run down during the test run but the down key runs up, just change the phase number at the power supply. Can.

2, drop height adjustment: Open the host power, set the test required height (as follows), press the rise key to reach the set height; if stopped in the middle, you must make it reach the set height before you can perform reverse Run the command;

3, put the measured object on the work surface, and then use a fixed rod to be fixed;

4. Press the up key to raise the measured object to the set height;

5, press the drop button to make the workbench moment away from the measured object, the measured object to do a free fall motion;

6. Press the reset button to return the workbench to working condition.

7. If the test is repeated, repeat the above steps.

8. After the test is finished: press the down button to move the worktop to the lowest position and turn off the power button;

Precautions and maintenance

1. Each time the test is completed, the drop arm must be dropped to avoid the long-return drop arm pulling the spring.

Deformation, affect the test effect, please reset the motor before stopping

Drop button

2. After installation of the new machine is completed, a suitable low-consistency oil must be added to the sliding round bar.

Anti-rust oil or high-concentration oil and back pressure with corrosive oil).

3. If there is too much dust in the oiled place for a long time, please lower the machine to the lower part and wipe the previous machine.

Oil, then heavy oil;

4. Dropping machine impact mechanical equipment. If the new machine is used more than 500 times, the screws must be fastened to avoid failure.

5. The lifting shaft and chain of the testing machine need to be lubricated regularly.

6. Gear reducer changes oil once every six months.

7. When not working, all power should be cut off to ensure the lifting shaft is clean.

8. Non-operators must not operate the machine at will.

Instrument installation requirements

Operating environment requirements: room temperature conditions.

Miscellaneous: The machine table must be placed on a horizontal platform with a certain degree of strength.

Power Requirements: AC 3φ 5W 380V

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