Rice flower subordinate glass bottle company put into operation

The production line of glass bottle companies under the Dahua Fragrant Group started yesterday at the Three Gorges Immigration Eco-Industrial Park in Yiling District. The project has invested 58 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax can reach 8 million. It is understood that this project is a combination of glass bottle manufacturing, painting, and baking. It can produce 80 million glass bottles annually, achieve an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, and provide 300 jobs.

The Paint Brush for plastic handles has been the largest category of purchase orders. It's very practical and light, and it costs less than a wood handle paint brush. This makes it more advantageous in disposable products, although it is a disposable item, but its quality is still very good,
We can print the LOGO you need on the handle. In use, it is light, effortless, and easy to carry.
Our factory has 5 rubber plastic handle making machines, and the output is 20000 per day. And with most plastic handle grinders, and if you have other products, we'll be happy to open the mold for you.

Plastic Handle Paint Brush

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