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The first time I saw the picture of the Fire-Maple Cookware in the evaluation application, I was attracted by its unique appearance, so I could not wait to report it. I did not expect that in the end I should have been drawn to the court. At the moment when the notice was given, the excitement of Yu was overwhelming. No wonder the recent lottery won't win, and the original luck was spent here.

Anxiously took the pot from the company and returned home, the first time the pot set out. When the three-piece suits were laid out on the table, the gorgeous shells and stylish patterns immediately locked the eyes.

To tell the truth, other outdoor pots have been used before, but compared with this enamel pot, it's just like the difference between the heavens and the earth. Those pots are all gray and dirty, and they have no looks. They are willing to take a glance apart from eating. In addition, I don't even look at it, where like the Fire-Maple Cookware Set is full of rich flavors of life and powdery fashion elements, which caused me to take a closer look at the patterns above and carefully. When he took a still photo of the pan, he was already worried about whether he would be robbed on the spot during Sunday's event.

Apart from the excitement, pick up the pot and squat a few times, feeling heavy, much heavier than the average outdoor pot. Look at the volume again, wow, looks like a lot bigger, took a 40L climbing bag and tried it, almost half of the place, a bit too big, and if you go out to reload, then the excess weight and volume will Give ALICE a lot of pressure.

It was hard to come back to Sunday, and from a car that was active on it, I was eagerly looking forward to the corruption of lunch at noon. With the Fire-Maple Cookware, the culinary arts of the family could finally be displayed perfectly in the outdoors.

At lunchtime, when the pan was laid out, it was immediately obvious that it attracted everyone's attention. The hustle and bustle surrounded the beauty. Oh, yeah, it was never so attractive. It was all thanks to the Fire-Maple cookware.

Put the battlefield, light the stove, and immediately began cooking outdoors. First fry an egg with a pan. The eggs were laid at home. Four eggs were used. Before I fry, I was still worried about whether the shallow pans could stand. After the oil was poured into the eggs, the worry was immediate. Disappeared, the egg liquid of 4 eggs even went to the half of the pan, and I couldn't think of such a large capacity.

Soon, the eggs were fried and they weren't waiting for the tasting. Even the pots and eggs were snatched away. Poor crickets hadn’t even smelled of the eggs, and they could only watch as they were praising the pot’s beauty. Incense scrambled eggs. Fortunately, there is a beautiful woman who is looking poorly, giving her a piece of egg in her mouth. Wow, fragrant.

Well, since the culinary arts are very popular, go ahead and cook the instant noodles. I chose the largest one in the pan. Put the pot on the fire, pick up the 2L water bottle and pour the water into the pot. After hearing only a few sounds, the 2L bottle goes down half, and the water in the pot reaches 1/3. Scared and quickly stopped, hey, the capacity of this pot really big, ah, the previous experience is that 2L of water can cook almost 5 bags of instant noodles, look at this posture, 2L of water is not enough for this cauldron.

Perhaps it was the cold weather of the day. Perhaps it was more water, or perhaps the gas tank was running out. The water in the pot was slower. It took about 10 minutes to wait until the water started. Put seasonings, below, put seasonings, put some ham and sausages, and through a specially designed translucent lid, you can clearly see the inside of the pot. After a while, a hot pot of boiled noodles came out of the pan, and beside her, I was already surrounded by a group of hungry people with shit, and I didn't have to say that this pot of noodles had nothing to do with oysters. I used the seemingly thin pot of noodles in the pot, filled with a pot of soup with water, even if it was all loaded in the pot, had to lament its amazing capacity.

Afterwards, a second pot of noodles was made in a cauldron. A satisfying corruption lunch finally came to an end. The buzzing around is full of questions:

"Where can we buy it?"

"How much is the pot?"

"Can you give me the pan?"

Haha, it's very popular.

After this trial, the summary of Fire-Maple Cookware is as follows:

Appearance: very beautiful, stylish, and different, but the pattern is a bit too feminine, if you can have some heroic atmosphere or the scenery of mountains and rivers, or a few sets of pot to make a series of stories, I believe will get more people favor.

Weight: The reason why it is more than the average outdoor pan-cooker may be due to the material. If it is reloaded, the extra weight will be very heavy.

Volume: Very large, no matter which one of the pots, is enough for single outdoor use. It seems that the three-piece suit is more suitable for the outdoor corruption requirement of 2 to 3 people, and the function and capacity can be satisfied. One person is a little wasteful, suggesting that a small set of pans be developed, or that only a single person can go out of the pot.

Due to the volume, the three-piece case occupies the place, and because of the shape of the cylinder, it is placed in the 40L bag, which occupies half of the bag, and the empty space around it is not well utilized. The utilization rate is low. . It is recommended to develop a rectangular pan, so that the use of space inside the climbing bag is more reasonable.

Lid: I like this kind of lid design, can clearly see the pot of water, the raw and cooked food level, to avoid the frequent lifting of the lid to see the trouble of the fire.

Internal coating: very good, scrambled eggs are no traces of sticks, after cooking, even if the temperature is below 0 degrees, there is no condensed cooking oil on the inner wall.

Heat conduction: The frying pan is heated quickly when scrambled eggs, and the spiral heat conduction design at the bottom seems very useful.

Suggestion: When using a large pot to pour the noodles into the middle pot, the water and noodles in the pot flow out along the pot wall. It is recommended to add a reverse flow port on the pot edge to prevent waste.

Comprehensive evaluation: Fire-Maple three-piece suit has novel appearance, strong practicality, large capacity, easy cleaning, and is suitable for family and friends outdoor travel use.

Basic Info

Model NO.: GY
Key Words: Plastic Tube Packaging
Name: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Title: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Secification: Dia13mm
Surface Handling: Offset, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen, Labeling
Tube Color: White, Black Transparent, Colored
Coating: Glossy, Matte
Capacity: 3-500ml
Cap: Flip Top Cap, Screw on Cap
Shape: Round
Trademark: GY
Transport Package: Bulk Packed by Big Plastic Bag and Then in Corruga
Specification: Customer customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 39173100

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