Waste recycling prices go down and bottle handling is a problem

Mr. Shi, who lives in the birch community, is accustomed to selling waste bottles for a period of time. However, the recent situation has made him guilty. “In the past, there were garbage collected every three or five floors down and there were rubbish bins every day. It seemed to have suddenly disappeared recently. Now that the home has piled up so many waste products, no one has come to collect them.” Mr. Shi was very helpless. There are a lot of inconveniences in life and there are a lot of inconveniences in life. Now it is a pity that so many bottles in our homes occupy too many places, but it is a pity to throw them away. However, the reporters found that many citizens also feel the lack of “tattered kings”. Inconvenience to life. With the continuous decline in scrap purchase prices, the “broken kings” who were originally active in the alleys of Yantai Street are now hard to find. In recent days, many residents of the community have become frustrated because of the difficulty in collecting waste products. Some people have found that bottled drinks, bottles, cans and other waste products in their homes have already filled the corners of the rooms. It is a pity to throw them away and want to sell them.

According to reports, due to the fall of waste prices, the recovery team from Linyi and other places in Yantai City had to find a way out. Up to now, one third of the foreign workers who have gone out of the recycling profession have left Yantai, and the waste product market will remain sluggish from now until the end of the year.

An owner of a waste recycling terminal in Yantai City told reporters that they currently only recycle scrap iron, the price of which is about 1 yuan per kilogram, and that other waste products such as plastic bottles are no longer purchased. According to reports, the price of plastic products is mainly affected by the price of oil, the current decline in oil prices, plastics recycling plant did not dare to recycle plastic, for the sales chain has stagnant, plastic waste recycling station has nowhere to go. It seems that the plastic bottles that have been built by the public have not been delivered in the near future.

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