LCD ink printing

According to practice, the liquid crystal ink printing method may use screen printing or gravure printing, but screen printing is better. Liquid-crystal ink printing is a printing method in which a printed product has a reversible reaction or an irreversible reaction with an ink doped with a liquid crystal. The key to liquid crystal printing technology is that liquid crystal can display bright colors at different temperatures, and it should be a series in the color temperature range. The production technology of liquid crystal microcapsules is also critical, microcapsules must be made small and uniform, and the capsule walls are transparent and thin. The inks required to be incorporated are solvent-resistant, stable, reliable, and long-lived; the liquid crystal microcapsules must also be protected during printing. Crush, cover the protective film and so on.

When printing, the liquid crystal is encapsulated in microcapsules, and a certain amount of ink is used for printing. Encapsulation of liquid crystal has the following advantages: It can prevent the pollution of the liquid crystal itself; It can play a protective role, extend the service life, and facilitate long-term preservation; Improve the printability. The amount of liquid crystal added to the ink was 40% of the total ink volume, and the diameter of the capsule was 10-30 μm.

1. Plate making

General screen version available nylon mesh or polyester mesh. If the amount of ink on the plate is relatively large, stainless steel mesh plate can be used. According to the ink microcapsule diameter and ink layer thickness requirements to choose the number of screen mesh, 100-175 mesh is appropriate. Since the liquid crystal microcapsule ink is water-soluble, a strong water-resistant photosensitive adhesive should be used when making the plate.

2. print

Note the following points when printing LCD inks.

(1) Printing should pay attention to the printing plate to be filled with enough ink at a time, and the ink should be uniform. It is best not to fill the ink halfway to prevent foaming.

(2) Since the micro-capsule ink is easy to block the screen plate, when it is found that the screen is blocked or foamed in the printing, it is necessary to immediately stop the cleaning, remove it, and thoroughly clean it with alcohol water.

(3) The printing pressure should be moderate. When the pressure is small, the amount of ink on the substrate is insufficient, which affects the color effect. When the pressure is too high, the liquid crystal capsules may be broken and the coloring effect is not satisfactory.

(4) The black color or dark tone should be used for the printing background to improve the color effect. The background color can be water-soluble ink, organic solvent ink can also be used. Printing methods available screen printing, offset printing, gravure. When using an organic solvent ink, it must be fully dried after printing, otherwise the residual organic solvent will react with the liquid crystal and affect the color effect.

(5) During the printing process, it is necessary to keep the ink layer smooth and clean, and the thickness of the ink layer should be controlled to 15-35 μm, which can greatly improve the color effect. Ink layers that are not even or too thin will reduce the ink color effect. Some measures should be taken during the printing process to thicken the ink layer, such as the use of a softer squeegee, a slightly smaller squeegee angle, a slightly higher mesh pitch, and improved ink. Viscosity and other methods.

(6) Printing color sequence arrangement. First use black (or dark color) ink to print the background color, and then use liquid crystal ink to print the desired pattern; You can also use the liquid crystal ink to fill the background color first, and then use the water-soluble black (or dark color) ink to print the desired negative graphic pattern. .

(1) When the printed matter is dry, it is best to use natural drying. It is also possible to use hot air at about 40°C to dry it. Do not accelerate it and heat it at high temperatures to dry quickly.

(2) Don't press the printed matter when it is stacked, and try not to pile up or overlap too much after drying. Do not add too much partial pressure to prevent the liquid crystal microcapsules from being crushed.

(3) When using liquid crystal inks, determine the temperature range of the discoloration according to the purpose of use, and consider the durability of the liquid crystal according to the application. In order to improve the abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, gas barrier property and glossiness of the ink surface, a varnish or a protective film may be coated on the surface.

Reprinted from: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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