Borealis first siliconized polypropylene film

Borealis, as a well-known supplier of innovative plastics, has developed a new grade of polypropylene film BA110CF with special properties. Compared with conventional products, Borealis can process excellent films, giving adhesives and packaging films a high degree of performance. Profitable production brings opportunities. For the first time, the first product design provides a single-layer membrane solution for all silicidation processes. It does not require a different sealing membrane structure for the silicidation process of this particular end product, thereby reducing the processor's production costs.

In this area of ​​application where stripping properties are required, there is a need for carrier sheets prepared for storing plastic tapes and labels. For this purpose it is necessary to apply a layer of silicone on the carrier film so that detachment behavior can occur between the film and the plastic band or label. For meat packaging, adding a silicone layer to the packaging ensures that it will not stick to the film as much as possible. Consumers can use BA110CF to remove the contents of the package more easily when used.

Figure 1: BA110CF provides a single-layer film solution for silicon processing

In addition to its versatile silicidation benefits, BA110CF also has good blown film processing properties. It has high curing performance, so when the silicone resin is applied in a liquid state, the processing efficiency of the processor can be further improved.

The perfect combination of additives and product properties ensures long-term bonding of the silicone layer to the film layer. This helps maintain the longer performance life of the film and avoids the problem of adhesion that occurs with conventional products.

The key feature of the BA110CF is that it can help processors produce a series of films with advantages over paper. Its high hardness/excellent toughness guarantees greater mechanical strength. This property makes the film more suitable for use as a carrier sheet in particularly demanding applications such as strong release tapes and labels. Increased performance reduces the waste of processing equipment and the possibility of production interruptions.

Polypropylene film has high water vapor barrier performance and reduces water vapor absorption. In combination with the high heat resistance of BA110CF, it is more suitable for medical sterilization than paper materials. Films have better antibacterial properties than paper materials and therefore are not only favored by the medical field but also attract attention from other high-end industries such as the semiconductor industry.

Reproduced from: specialchem

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