Talking about Inkjet Printing (II)

Third, the introduction of large format inkjet printer browsing

In the printing industry, inkjet devices mainly refer to large-format inkjet printers and inkjet printers. There are many products newly launched by various manufacturers. Here, only the products listed or newly listed in the past year have been introduced.

1. Canon ImagePrograf iPF 5000 Inkjet Printer

Canon exhibited a new ink-jet printer imagePrograf iPF 5000 at the Ipex 2006 International Printing Show in Birmingham, UK. It was designed specifically for the printing industry and is the first model of Canon's newly developed inkjet printer series. The platform printer can use roll-type paper feeding, with a width of up to 51cm. It can also be fed by a paper tray. The maximum size can be A2 paper. This means that both substrates can be automatically selected at the same time, the maximum thickness of the substrate can reach 1.5mm, and can be manually fed from the front or from above.

imagePrograf The most important change to the iPF 5000 is the introduction of a new two-row printhead with 12 colors. There are 1200 nozzles for each color, and two rows are arranged closely to form a print strip of 2.56 cm. Each print head has 6 colors of ink for a total of 30,720 nozzles. It uses Canon's bubble jet technology to achieve a droplet size of just 4 picoliters, resulting in the highest resolution, while using 12 inks to produce high quality images, and to select more substrates and Has a wide color gamut. The increase in color gamut is achieved by adding red, green, blue, gray, and photo gray to the common CMYK, which not only increases the tone sensitivity, but also suits printing of neutral black and white images, and black and The use of two complementary colors of high density black is very effective, making the imagePrograf iPF 5000 more suitable for copying precise color prints and photographs.

imagePrograf The iPF 5000 printer's fast controller offers 3 speed settings: high speed, normal and high quality (for glossy paper or special art paper). The Plug-in software with digital image processing software and Adobe Photoshop can be used in conjunction with the Canon EOS digital camera. When used as a digital proofer, CMYK ink is supplemented with light magenta ink and light cyan ink.

2. Agfa's: Anapurna 100 Large Format Inkjet Printer

In May 2005, at the Fespa exhibition in Munich, Germany, Agfa announced its entry into the industrial inkjet product market and exhibited its new large-format inkjet printer: Anapurna 100, which is Agfa and inkjet printing. The machine manufacturer Wuteng Europe co-developed. : Anapurna 100 is a large-format inkjet printer for high volume, with a maximum output width of 254cm. Similar to the smaller format: Anapurna L (width 160 cm) and Anapurna XL (width 250 cm) inkjet printers, all have a "double" mode, allowing both modes to print the product at the same time. The highest resolution of the output image is 363dpi x 725dpi, which can be used for printing outdoor and indoor products such as posters and billboards. The maximum printing speed when printing a poster is 100cm per hour.

: The Anapurna 100 uses a precision print head co-developed by Agfa and Xaar, a print head manufacturer. It contains 764 nozzles and can eject droplets of up to 3 picoliters or 8 picoliters. The ink control system can be used to adjust the amount of ink used, and the size of the ink droplets can be controlled as required. With a closed ink circulation system, the gas in the ink and the air bubbles in the ink storage chamber can be removed to prevent the ink from being ejected. The Agfa UV curable Anapurna inks used provide high-quality color quality for printing on both soft and rigid media. They are scratch-resistant and suitable for a wide range of industrial inkjet applications. Both hard and soft materials can be used as Printed substrates.

3. HP's HP Designjet 9000s Large Format Inkjet Printer

Hewlett-Packard Co. used the HP Designjet 9000s inkjet printer to create a double-fed flag for suspension at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival as a sponsor and printing product supplier. HP Designjet 9000s is said to be listed in the Asia Pacific region in March this year and is expected to sell for $33,995. Also exhibited at the Ipex 2006 exhibition.

The six-color HP Designjet 9000s is the first large-format inkjet printer co-developed by Hewlett-Packard and Seiko Instruments Inc., with a width of 163cm (64 inches), using HP's low-solvent ink technology, including low solvent Ink formulations, ink cartridges, and cleaning and maintenance kits. It can use different substrates, such as plastics, fabrics, paper, cardboard, etc. It is designed for printing of outdoor signs and panels. At the same time, it has high-performance and low-cost features, and the speed is up to 176 square meters/hour when the print resolution is 720dpi*720dpi. When the print resolution is 540dpi×720dpi, the speed is up to 220m2/hr. The 360 ​​dpi resolution was used when printing the banner of the Sundance Film Festival. In fact, print service providers using HP Designjet 9000s can provide users with multiple forms of high-quality images and expected color reproduction.

4. DisplayMaker 98 UVX Multi-Function Inkjet Printer DisplayMaker 98 UVX from MacDermid is a platform/reel multi-purpose piezoelectric UV inkjet printer that can adapt to hard paper or flexible web media It can reach 250cm (98.5 inches) and its thickness can reach 1.27cm (0.5 inches). DisplayMaker 98UVX uses SolaChrome-UV inks to protect inks, solvent-free odors, reliable ink-jet performance, and low maintenance. Sixteen industrial-quality Micro-Quad piezoelectric printheads were used, configured as four staggered printheads, each with 384 nozzles for a total of 1,536 nozzles. The maximum resolution is 600dpi x 600dpi, which provides 3 kinds of printing modes: "Billboard Quality", "Production Quality" and "High Quality". Depending on the print mode and print resolution, the print speed can reach 438 square feet per hour in the "billboard quality" print mode, and 225 square feet per hour in the "production quality" mode, where " In high-quality mode, the print speed can reach 112 square feet per hour.

The DisplayMaker 98UVX features automation and high-efficiency features such as AutoSet Calibration, AutoJet Calibration, AutoTune Scheduler, AutoEdge Detection, and color management. These newly introduced technologies are implemented by ColorSpan's advanced electronic eyes. The electronic eye consists of a high-resolution image sensor, a colorimetric spectrophotometer, and embedded software.

At present, DisplayMaker 98UVX is priced at US$104,995. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising, exhibition display products, and other large-volume print products for print service providers, sign makers, and screen printers.

5. Vutek Large Format Inkjet Printer

Witton (acquired by EFI) has launched the UltraVu II 5330 and UltraVu 260 large-format inkjet printers.

The UltraVu II 5330 is an ultra-large format inkjet printer with a web width of up to 5 meters. It supports a wide range of substrates including vinyl, pressure-sensitive plates, paper, mesh fabrics and textiles. The width of textiles is up to 16.4 feet. Can provide "maximum speed" and "highest quality" combination mode. Printing speeds can reach 2230 square feet per hour. At high speed, each color (CMYK) is printed with 4 print heads. In the high quality case, each color (CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, light yellow, and light black 8 inks in total) is printed with two print heads. Resolution up to 330dpi. The latest version of Vutek software can not only increase the speed of the product, but when the color of the printed image is over-saturated, the software can be used to produce a distortion-free product.

The UltraVu 260 large-format inkjet printer is a six-color solvent-based ink, roll-in printer, 262cm wide, suitable for a variety of substrates, and provides 360dpi image output quality. Pricing is around $99,000.

Fourth, the future of inkjet printing

Many printing service providers and creative printing professionals have paid great attention to large-format inkjet printing, and ink jet printing has developed greatly. According to statistics from IT Strategies, the large-format printing market had a total revenue of 6 billion U.S. dollars in 2003 and is expected to reach 9.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2008. During this period, large-format inkjet printing equipment increased from 246,000 units to 366,000 units. The development of large format markets is booming. It is expected that by 2009, both technological innovations and applications will grow at a double-digit rate.

Many manufacturers of large-format inkjet printers are constantly researching and innovating in terms of output width, imaging effect, color reproduction, print speed, and the storage life of the work, so that they can improve production efficiency, quality, resolution, smaller ink droplets, and more color gamut. Wide, the price drops. The new, high-speed, high-quality large-format inkjet printers have penetrated into the printing industry, expanding the definition of digital printing. If used in trademark printing, when the printing volume is relatively large, the inkjet printer will replace the expensive printing method and become the main model used. Due to the high resolution of inkjet printing, multi-color printing, and large format, the running cost is much lower than other digital printing. With the rapid development of on-demand printing, personalized printing, direct mail printing, and commercial printing, the proportion of inkjet printing in the digital printing market will be greatly improved, and inkjet printing equipment will become the mainstream product for digital printing.

Source: "Digital Printing" Zhang Guilan Compilation

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