A Japanese paper company produced a fruit fresh packing box

A Japanese paper company produced a fruit fresh-keeping packaging box that added a layer of polyethylene film on the corrugated bottom liner of a corrugated carton, and then applied a layer of waterproof wax coating containing trace amounts of fruit disinfectant to prevent fruit. Moisture evaporates and inhibits breathing for preservation purposes. Packing fruit with this kind of packaging can keep the fruit fresh for one month.

Source: Chinese Packaging

FY-1100 paper bag side gluing machine is suitable for the mass production of special paper and different types of polished and laminated paper (already creased sheet of paper as raw materials).It is the first equipment choice for manufacturing high-grade and luxury handbags without any scratches on the bag surface.The paper automatic delivery by feeder (frequency control),automatic positioning by the aligning system, automatic pasting by roll glue device, with or without automatic gusset forming, press bag output.  



Enhanced pre-stack paper feeder,non-stop feeding.

Easy and simple for operation, saving time for adjusting different paper sizes.

Light, mechanic, electric, gas integrated control system, counter & defective products detection system.

Glue Type:Equipped with advanced hot melt glue system, Which can fast adhesive product and enter to next process quickly.

Digital control panel



Paper sheets after printed and creased, automatically feeding, gluing, forming the tubes, folding the gussets, one-step forming and shaping process.


Using hot glue with rapid drying time. This hot glue matches all kinds of papers of OPP, gross oil, Second oil and gross or matt lamination and so on with strong stickiness, which means that glue overflow or leaking will never happen. It is specially designed for dark color matt lamination paper products with no scratches left on the surface of paper bags, keeping the whole paper bags clear and neat. 

Semi Auto Paper Bag Machine

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