Double tablet counting machine improves filling speed and accuracy

Schwarz Pharma (Mequon, Wisconsin) selected Cremer (New Hampshire) double-counting tablets for its high-speed packaging line. Each counter has two counting heads and a two-way conveyor, filling 100 bottles of vials at a rate of 110 bottles/minute. This small, easy-to-adjust system is highly flexible and adapts to Schwarz's more than 70 pill/capsule sizes, from 300 to 2000 cubic centimeters.

Source: Huayin Media

Ceramic knives are very hard, made from sintered zirconium dioxide, and retain their sharp edge for a long time. They are light in weight, do not impart any taste to food and do not corrode. Suitable for slicing fruit, vegetables and boneless meat.

Ceramic knives are best used as a specialist Kitchen Utensil. Recent manufacturing improvements have made them less brittle. Because of their hardness and brittle edges, sharpening requires special techniques.

Ceramic Knife

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