Japan developed a new type of strapping - "cargo lock"

Nippon Kishi Kogyo Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Japan’s Sapporo Distribution System Corporation, has developed a new type of anti-cracking, recyclable packing strap “Cargo Lock” (patent pending). At present, various forms of promotional activities are actively being gradually carried out. The superiority of the anti-cracking function of the cargo lock and the convenience of loading and unloading need not be mentioned at all. Its most important feature is that it achieves high-efficiency recycling and avoids the use of wrapping film. In recent years, with the rapid development of cargo transportation, the use of stretch film in the traditional packaging method has also been significantly increased, and the problem of waste disposal has also been highlighted. The new packaging belt has solved this problem very well. From the long-term point of view of environmental protection, recyclability will become the most basic packaging requirement, and cargo locks can both recycle and solve the problem of cracking of the strapping belts and have a good market prospect.

The cargo lock is composed of a main strap, an auxiliary strap, a reinforcement protection material, and a metal buckle. In addition, from the perspective of safety, a protective cover is added outside the metal packing buckle. The strap is made of PP material, which is not only light weight and long-lasting to prevent cracking; the protective material of the four corners of the reinforced pallet goods is a kind of special board with three layers of flexibility and strength; Buckle and D-shaped loops. The goods are compressed from one corner to the other by an elongated protective material, and the goods are then cross-stitched using three horizontal and two longitudinal straps. This is more stable than traditional banding packaging, and there is no need to wrap the film outside of the overall package.

With this kind of cargo lock, the occurrence of cracking accidents is prevented to the utmost during the loading and unloading operations, and with the ease of loading and unloading, there is no doubt that the cargo lock will greatly improve the efficiency of on-site operations. When transporting goods by truck, in general, a certain amount of buffer material needs to be added to the loaded cargo, and it is possible to use the main and auxiliary packing straps of the cargo lock to bundle these buffer materials to save space, and to efficiently use the cargo platform. The cargo locks can be removed completely after use, and the cushioning material can also be compacted and compressed by tying, thereby achieving efficient recycling and reuse.

The more frequent use of cargo lock recycling, the more benefits the supplier can obtain, and the economic savings that can be achieved. When dealing with traditional discarded strapping and corresponding wrapping film, suppliers often need to do the recycling work and need to pay for the treatment, but if the cargo lock is used, the results for the supplier will be very different.

Standard samples of cargo locks include three main straps that can reach a maximum length of 5.2 meters, four protective materials that can reach a maximum height of 1 meter, and eight auxiliary (longitudinal) straps with a total price of 9,000 yen. According to the customer's requirements and the actual size of the goods, the corresponding size can also be customized. The height of the protective material can be increased up to 1.8 meters. The length of the strap can be additionally extended according to the height and weight of the goods. In addition, we have prepared practical solutions to prevent the shedding of small items.

Cargo locks have been highly evaluated in terms of functionality. Immediately after they were released, many logistics companies competed for trials. The cooperative development company Sapporo Distribution Corporation, a subsidiary of Sapporo Beer Company, has purchased 3,000 new packaging bags and experienced the good effect of “goods lock”.

Source: China Packaging News

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