Model Design of Reusable Learning Objects Constructed in LCMS (3)

3. Model building principles

In order to ensure the feasibility of the previously proposed construction model, the author analyzes the specific construction principles of its internal elements.

(1) RLO level construction principles

At the RLO level. When we build by preview, summary, and evaluation X~RIO, due to RIO's subdivision, we only consider the branch items of the content items in the three parts.

The preview is mainly used to introduce RLO content. The summary is mainly used to summarize the RLO, and attach notes and goals to each RIO. According to the internal structure chart of RLO, we found that the number of use evaluations exceeds two, one is pre-test assessment, and the other is post-assessment assessment. It also includes evaluation of preview, summary and five RIOs.

(2) RIO hierarchy construction principles

Since the internal structure of RLO and RIO and the content items in RIO have been discussed in the foregoing, the author will focus on the following topics: RIO structure model practice projects, evaluation projects, and the construction principles of RIO's five types of branch elements.

A practical project is an enrichment activity that gives learners the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills. The assessment program is a question or measurable activity used to determine whether the learner has mastered the learning objectives of the RIO. According to the classification of knowledge, we divide RIO into five types: concept, fact, procedure, process and principle.

Conceptual RIOs are often used to teach a set of objects, symbols, ideas, or events. When we need to teach independent, special, and unique information, the factual RIO plays its part. It is usually expressed as a picture, data, or special object. Before we plan to teach a program to be implemented in learning. We must consider step-by-step RIO. When we need to teach some system operation knowledge. Process RIOII plays a big role. When we need to create a real task that needs judgment, or when some principles need to be used at work, principled RIOs play a key role.

Fifth, the basic method of realization

LCMS combines RLO, XML, and Java technologies to provide easy-to-use authoring tools for learning content creators who have no programming experience, and powerful drag-and-drop functionality for learning content and WYSIWYG editorial organization. Therefore, the construction of X~RLO in the LCMS environment becomes possible. There are two aspects involved in implementing the RLO model that is being built: the standardized transformation of content and the packaging diagram that implements the RLO model.

1. Standardized conversion of content

With the rise of e-Learning, both the education sector and corporate training groups. Or educational software development companies are building educational resource libraries so that there is a large amount of non-standardized learning content. On the other hand, although LCMS has built-in content creation tools, some developers are accustomed to using other production tools to develop resources that do not meet the standards in order to achieve the sharing and reuse of existing learning content, and realize the interface with LCMS. . The need to convert existing content to a standardized, uniform format RLO foot learning content learning object meta normalization, provable data description, and reusable learning object transformation through the learning object metadata description model. Using the idea of ​​the LOM standard and semi-structured data XML technology, the learning content is separated from its description information, that is, the actual physical resources are separated from the display format and converted into a standardized, shareable, and reusable RLO, on the one hand, for the content developer. Used directly, on the other hand, is stored in the LCMS learning object library in the form of RLO.

(to be continued)

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