The Best Brands of Car Seats for Special Needs Children

aea1c2029993662fb87c042ae4Some special needs children require special car seats. Special needs car seats are designed to cope with both the physical and behavioral challenges presented by children with cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord problems and other disabilities. Special features include extra support, extended sizing and locking devices for buckles and latches.
Britax Traveller Plus EL

The Britax Traveller car seat features a supportive padded headrest to provide special needs children with extra stability while awake or sleeping. The seat reclines to a 45 degree position to provide further comfort for children with physical disabilities. This Britax model is certified for use by special needs children.
Special Tomato MPS Car Seat

The Special Tomato is designed to provide full support and safety for kids who weigh up to 150 pounds. The seat features numerous adjustable cushions for your child's comfort. A lateral headrest is available for additional head support when needed.
Roosevelt Car Seat

The Roosevelt car seat is highly adaptable to provide comfort to children with a wide range of disabilities. Four positioning pads, a tilt bar that allows for a semi-reclined position and latch locks provide extra support and safety where needed. Optional harnesses, pads and adjusters are available for specific disabilities. Use the Roosevelt with kids weighing up to 115 pounds.
Tumble Forms Carrie Car Seat

The Tumble Forms seat is constructed of a rigid material that allows more precise body positioning than in traditional padded car seats. Detachable footrests secure feet in place, and a removable tray is useful for long trips. This seat is designed for proper body positioning for many physical disabilities, and it is comfortable enough to use as a portable seat outside of your vehicle.

The proper car seat is essential safety equipment for every car ride with your special needs child. Select a special needs car seat with the specific features your child needs for comfort and safety. A car seat is an investment so consider a model that grows with your child or is usable as a general purpose seat during other activities.

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