Adhesive Quality Control - Improve Operation Level

Improve operating levels

The level of the bookbinding glue binding process operator is directly related to the stability of the glue-binding product quality, so it is very important for the operator's skill training to allow operators to fully understand the performance, operation procedures and maintenance principles of the glue-binding equipment. Some ways to solve practical problems. In the form of forums, they can communicate with each other, learn from each other, and sum up their experience, gradually and systematically. For example, in the glued-lined milling cutter, if it is used for a long period of time, there will be quality problems such as ridges, uneven glue, etc., in practice, it will be found that grinding is performed once in two weeks. This will effectively avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned situations; for example, when the packaged semi-finished products are cut, the hot melt adhesive is easy to adhere to the blades due to continuous cutting, and a layer of silicone oil can be applied to the blade to effectively avoid the above situation. , guarantee cutting quality.

In addition, more than 1/2 overlapping conveyor belts should be used to transport glue on the glue-binding line, which can effectively increase the condensation time. Generally from the beginning of the coating to the trimming of the three-side knife, the time should not be less than 3 minutes, so as to ensure the quality. Of course, the use of new materials is also a factor to improve efficiency and quality assurance. The use of steel blades, for example, has reduced ineffective work to a great extent, and is about 3 to 4 times more expensive than ordinary alloy steel knives. In short, the improvement of personnel factors is also crucial for the implementation of adhesive bonding processes.

Source: "Printing Technology"

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